Sioux Hustler trip - 5/20/22




May 20 - May 22, 2022

3 days

34 - 68 F

31.36 MI

Day 1 - left home at 430am and arrived at the trail head at 945. Hit the trail by 10am. Hiked the 6.67 miles to the split in 3 hours. Went another 2 miles to Heritage Creek and couldn't pass. Met two other guys who agreed that there wasn't a safe way to cross the river. Turned back and camped on northwest end of Shell Lake. Total mileage - 9.75 (plus another .25-.50 miles searching for a way across the river) Temps - started at 52 cloudy, then upper 60s in camp and sun. Evening rain and down to 42 by 7pm. 34 was overnight low. Day 2 Left camp at 1045 0.95 miles to trail junction 0.75 miles to Devil's Cascade spur 7.94 miles to Pageant Lake, arrived just after 2pm Crawled across a log on my hands and knees at Heritage Creek Temps were in the mid to upper 40s. Scattered shots of light rain. Then more rain around 9pm. Heard the first airplane at 430pm and another one at 5pm Two beaver tail slaps, ironically while reading a chapter about beavers. Day 3 options Spend night at Devil's Cascade - 6.25 miles Hike out - 13.67 miles Left at 920am. 34 degrees overnight Arrived at Devil's Cascade at 1140am, traveling 6 miles. Had lunch and tested and left at 1215. Arrived at the car at 330.

Packing List