The Ultimate Packing List Builder for Backpackers

Packstack is a supercharged tool for planning and documenting your outdoor expeditions. Used by backpackers, hikers, climbers, bikepackers, hunters and world explorers.

Recent Trip Reports

A river flowing through a coniferous forest with mountains in the background at dusk

Comprehensive Packing Lists

Anyone who has traveled great distances for long durations knows that every gram (or ounce) counts. Our packing list tool helps you track what you're packing, how much it weighs, whether an item is consumable or worn, and a lot more.

Modular Gear Inventory System

Each item you enter is added to your gear inventory. This allows you to reuse any item in any packing list you create. You can also add notes to your gear, such as purchase date or condition.

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Lightweight camping tents sitting in a prairie with a mountain in the background at sunset

Detailed Trip Documentation

Whether you've just started planning your trip or you're already back home, Packstack helps you keep all of the details together. Record temperature range, distance, weather conditions, geography traversed, field notes, photos and packing lists.

Customizable and International

Although we're based in the United States, we strive to make the platform as useful as possible for an international audience. In this spirit, we let you choose your preferred unit systems for weight, temperature and distance, as well as your local currency.

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