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The Ultimate Packing List Builder for Backpackers

Packstack gives you all the tools you need to create detailed packing lists, track your gear and share your packs.

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Track your gear

The Gear Inventory system enables you to meticulously track all your equipment. You can input details such as weight, manufacturer info, price, and other relevant item specifics. Additionally, you can categorize your gear to keep things organized.

Create packing lists

Sorry folks, it's time to retire the spreadsheets. Packstack helps you create incredibly detailed, well-organized packing lists without copying and pasting. Our modular system lets you easily add items from your inventory and experiment with different pack configurations.

Weight Breakdowns

Get a detailed, categorized weight breakdown of everything in your pack. A weight breakdown allows you to quickly review your weight distribution by category.

Share packing lists

Each pack has a dedicated "view only" page that allows you to privately share with whomever you want. This is convenient when you want to share your packing list with a specific person or audience but you don't want it to be public.